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Beautiful Landscape

Thorns over Roses.

X - "Wish life would be bed of roses."

Me - Are you thinking likewise?

X - Yes.

Me - Seriously!!

X - Yes man, what's harm in it?

Me - You must be on fool's paradise.

Have you ever conversed with your inner self in such way? Have you ever exchanged thoughts with your parents in such line? I believe many of us think of it when we face too difficulties. Moreover when we see others in much better state.

Yes, it's a comparative thinking where we're judging others from our point of view. And that too on external level. We never know how life is facing chin music & how smartly they are tackling all obstacles. We only concentrate on their materials & lifestyle, not bothering about the amount of blood & sweat they spent to earn such life. Thus we overlook the core lesson of life.

Lesson is same for everyone. If you need to shine like the Sun, first you need to burn like the Sun. If you need to sleep on bed of roses, you need to experience how thorns hurt. When you can assimilate those burning sensation,you can enjoy roses.

We very often think we can handle boss's role way better without thinking of the fireball he is sitting on. Nobody is overrated. If you can't increase your base price, you don't deserve a premium listing. Simple & straight. 🙂

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