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Sexual Dysfunction.

Deepest psychological threat what we usually try to hide. Human sexual response cycle moves through a psychological process related to arousal, excitement, orgasm & resolution. Dysfunctions occur in this cycle, often occasional, often episodic. Sexual dysfunction can be generally defined as persistent impairment of sexual interest or response that causes interpersonal difficulties. Sometimes dysfunction is independent & sometimes it results from other disorders.

Predisposition of sexual dysfunction may be created by experiences & attitudes derived from upbringing, personality, lack of information or any sexual trauma. More immediate participating causes include conflict with partner, infidelity, biological changes related to aging, depression & accidental failure by fatigue, stress, anxiety or alcohol. The dysfunction may be sustained by anticipation of failure, partner's reaction, poor communication & limited sexual skill. Therapist must inquire about many aspects as shown in the pic.

According to DSM-IV-TR, there must be persistent or recurrent dysfunction & must cause distress or interpersonal difficulty. Clinicians who work must emphasize the interacting roles of psychological, physiological, social & interpersonal variables. Most of the dysfunctions have multiple causes, ranging from predominantly organic to predominantly psychological & there are many possible contributing factors in both organic & psychological domain.

Many casual factors are non specific. They may also be found in the histories patients with different problems or person with no dysfunction. The specific dysfunction that becomes prominent in a particular case is a result of complex interplay between individual's life history, psychological factors & preexisting biological or psychological predispositions. Irony is most of us hesitate to consult a specialist due to some stigma & continue to feel the pain.

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