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Restless mindset...

The most common mental setup behind all misunderstandings, debates, controversies, rivalry.

It's a typical restless mindset, though very common,which never let us to listen carefully.

It always provokes to announce, to blow own trumpet loudly, to make others understand own views on priority basis.

When two persons are talking to each other, it means a process of exchange of thought is going on. They may differ on some point. It's possible that both of them are partially correct about the subject. So, by discussion they can draw an inference which will contain higher level of logical defense.That's conversation.

Bosses who love to dictate, have typical tendency of one way presentation. They just express their views with such conviction that it's best idea they're delivering & everyone should follow it by any means.They handle bench of subordinates, not a team. That's why leaders are different from managers.

In any form of life, it's very important to be a listener. We all have something to deliver on almost all topics. Better to let others have the opportunity.

The one who remains calm in discussion & starts late, generally get larger audience.

Before showing own tongue & teeth, take enough time to see other's. 😊

#midset #mentalhealth

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