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Dissociative Amnesia.

According to DSM-IV-TR, Dissociative Disorder has 4 classifications. Dissociative Amnesia is one of them. Dissociation often involves feelings of unreality, estrangement, depersonalization & sometimes a loss or shift of self-identity. Many dissociative disorders appear ti begin & end abruptly & are participated by stressful experiences. Although these disorders usually emerge after childhood, in most cases there is a history of serious family turmoil. Separation from parents in early childhood & abuse by parents have frequency been reported. This, both recent trauma & traumas that have occurred in distance past seen to combine to produce seriously malas aktive behavior seen in dissociative disorder.

Dissociative amnesia involves extensive but selective memory loss in the absence of indications of organic change like head injury. It's not ordinary forgetfulness. Some can't anything about past, others can no longer recall specific event, place, people or object while their memory for other event remains intact. Amnesia is usually participated by a physical accident or emotionally traumatic event. Cases of amnesia demonstrate that the unity of consciousness is illusory. Our conscious representation of our actions is incomplete, our attention is usually divided into 2 or more streams of thought or courses of action.

Unconscious systems of ideas may come to be split off from the major personality & exist as subordinate personalities, capable of becoming represented in consciousness under certain conditions. While amnesia is probably the most common dissociative disorder, there are no accurate statistics on the incidence of any dissociative disorders. Dissociative amnesia are seen most often in adolescents & young adults than in children & older people and they occur more often among females than males. When first impact of bad news or a catastrophe hits us, we may feel as if everything is suddenly strange, unnatural & different, or as if we are unreal & can't actually be witnessing or feeling what's going on!

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