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Depression - inner engineering of thoughts..

There are many reasons behind our mind gets depressed, we feel sad for a continuous time period. We slowly lose connection with own existence. Some major reasons are as follows: ·        Chemical imbalance. ·        Change in feeling & activity pattern of brain. ·        Substance abuse. ·        Obsessive disorders. ·        Impulsive thinking on unrelated issues. ·        Reckless behavior. ·        Mood swing due to physical and social changes. ·        Fear of failure. ·        Adventurous nature in daily life. ·        Disconnecting with self due to lost identity and losing cause of existence. Chemical imbalance and change in activity pattern of brain are the most important system accident, responsible for acute depressive disorder. For last few days, even months, may be since lock down Depression is most trending across all media. Tons of articles, opinions, suggestions are available now in all platforms. Anyone can access these information for oneself and others. Particularly remedial guidance which a man can practice in daily life. Surprisingly one aspect is still not addressed with expert analysis. Just want to throw some light on that apparently neglected side. That’s inner engineering of our thought process. Why we get stressed! How depression occurs in mind? Recently had gone through a masterpiece of Mark Mansion, “Everything is F*cked”. Got an wonderful idea of philosophical existence of two brains. It may amaze you! But we all possess two brains as per functionality. THINKING BRAIN & FEELING BRAIN. These two are drivers of our CONSCIOUSNESS CAR. Both of them think that they are driving on their own ability. Fact is both of them have important role. It’s assumed that these two functional brains don’t have very good mutual understanding. Because of their constant confrontation inner conflict occurs. How it works! When we gather information and feed it in brain, thinking part grab it, analyse it with logic and land on some conclusion. If the information is purpose driven, there is no confusion. But if it’s related to self, it further escalates to feeling brain. There the information gets emotional treatment. As we all are self conscious, we always try to conclude the analysis which can satisfy our self esteem. We always love to see ourselves on winning side. Our feeling brain try to narrate a favorable outcome which may or may not be logical. But can give us temporary pleasure. Hence inner conflict starts. Two different opinion on same information start to confront with each other. If we prepare ourselves to accept the truth, how harsh it may be, there will be a sad phase, but bearable. If we don’t want to approve the reality, we don’t even like to hear any answer. We get carried away with emotion and land on sentimental conclusion which only increases internal turmoil. We can’t concentrate, can’t think constructive and slowly those negative emotions overpower our logical reasoning. Then we only think from emotional angle. Entire world seems like on the border of enmity. Any cordial suggestion melts down our composure. We try to choke our emotional outburst and that resistance slowly gives birth irritation and annoyance. Prolonged inner conflict switch on impulsive nature and we start to take self destructive decisions. We want to teach a jolly good lesson to some invisible competitor. We want to make others feel how precious our existence is. It’s all logically nonsense but it gives a stressful pleasure. You may call it Suicidal Romance. That’s why counselors and doctors always focus on expressive nature. Be it open up in front of others or bursting out with tears. Both the way we can vent out our anguishes and can feel more relaxed, more relieved. Slowly storm in brain stops and logical pattern restarts it’s operation. So, don’t preserve stress for a long time. You may feel like superhero by swallowing stress but reality is stress will eat you without burp. Vent out before it steals your mental harmony, tight sleep, anatomical health and make you a perpetual feeble. You will definitely die but only once. Rest days are yours. Make your living joyous and graceful. Life has too many spring moments to offer. Switch on the colorful portal. Would love to hear your views. If you like the narrative, please follow me here or at Althought or at Motivational brainstorming by Nirmalya

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