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Healthy relationship is never perfect. It's not like a romantic love story that contains feel good ambience everytime & all the time. It's full of differences, flaws, emotional tussles, arguments, romance, good times, night outs, etc.

It's a complete package of odds and evens.

Looks pretty identical with yours? What are you thinking? " Awe... we've all these things in our life. What special you're saying!!"

Do you think you're not in healthy relation? If yes, why?

Because you get affected with ongoing events. Be it loving or quarreling, your thinking gets fully occupied with that flowing emotion & the moment you experience something contradictory, you fail to hold emotional outburst.

Don't you feel that you're missing something?!

Yes, you're. And that's a small space in your heart. Take it under consideration whenever your thinking feels a tremor. Don't go all through with brain. Take your heart also & feel how enthusiastic the journey is!

Because heart can trust & can't conspire. 🙂

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