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Behavioral Coping

Stress is something which we don't welcome heartily. But, in life, situations appear in such manner that we get compelled to confront stress of various degree. It's an aftereffect of continuous resistance to actual output. The more we tend to resist, the more we get vulnerable to stress which, if not addressed properly, may turn to a disorder. Here a question takes birth naturally - how to combat? Well, at preliminary level, we all need to know the cooing skills needed to neutralize the inner conflict. Coping is characteristic ways of dealing with difficulties. It influences how we identify problems & how we try to solve them.

In coping, people use their personal resources to master a problem, to overcome or sidestep an obstacle, answer a question, resolve a dilemma. Different coping strategies are effective in different types of situations. People who generally cope successfully have a varied array of personal resources like ability to seek pertinent information, ability to share concerns & find consolation when needed, ability to redefine a situation or the ability to consider alternatives etc. Learning the specific skills needed in stressful situations helps individuals cope more effectively.

Some people fail to cope with stress because a high level of arousal interferes with their ability to concentrate on adaptive thoughts. People who cope effectively with stressful situations have learnt to direct their thoughts along productive lines to avoid distraction. Some aids to behavioral coping are

1. Be task oriented, focus only on the task confronting you. It's not wise to spend time with anything not related to the job in hand.

2. Be yourself. Don't role play. Place confidence on yourself, not on the role.

3. Self monitor. Pay attention to the way you're thinking feeling in a given situation.

4. Be realistic. Know your limits as well as strengths.

5. Use sense of humor. At times, laughter is the best medicine.

6. Have a constructive outlook. Try to look for positives. Don't jump into conclusion at once.

7. Use supportive relationships. Compare notes, blow off steam & get support from close friends.

8. Be patient with yourself. Don't punish yourself for not achieving perfection. Your mistakes should be your learnings, not heavy self - criticism.

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