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Understanding power of power.

Whenever we want to make other understand about our views, we use multiple weapons. It depends on our objective behind that trial.

When we try to convince parents, guardians, teachers, we use soft approaches with emotional touch.

When we deal with friends, we use all sorts of traits because that's our carefree zone. Be it fighting or hugging, ultimately friends land on common inference.

When we talk to juniors, students, subordinates and some unknown person, we use dominating nature and confidence about own perception.

When we converse with partner, we start defensively. It's not that we feel unconfident. We respect the delicacy of relation. We don't want others to get hurt. Then all emotional attitudes start activating in due time.

With a completely unknown person, we exchange with least interest, initially with disbelief & want a few verifications.

These are common psychology. If we want to win the situation in every option, one thing is common. Our presentation should be powerful to make others convinced. Whatever the purpose may be.

So, are you aware of your own potential? Are you familyer with your power?

The best ornament of presentation is power.

It's inner energy.

#understanding #presentation #expressions #emotionalintelligence

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