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Nirmalya Saha, Psychosocial and motivational blogger. Wisdom coach.

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Well, your question has two different part.

Materialistic and ideological.

For materialistic part, there’s nothing wrong to be satisfied with what you have. Actually it’s good for your sense too. Most of us are running behind wealth, well being, properties, luxury items etc. That’s such a never ending desire. All materials become old and boring after sometimes. You’ve a 3BHK apartment for last 10 years. Now you’re targeting a banglow or another apartment in prime locations. You’ve a base model four wheeler for last 5 years. New technology invented , new safety features added, new design, fuel efficient model launched in market and you’re after it. Surprisingly it’s a SUV!! In the name of upgradation you want to change all perishable belongings time to time. When there is option for multiple choice, your material urge will never be saturated. It’s all you can have in lieu of paying the price. So, if you’re satisfied with your material belongings, there’s nothing wrong in it. Actually it’s a good calculative choice.

Now the ideological part. It’s your core self. It’s the inner you who is operating the whole load of raw flesh to present you in front of world. And it’s not the price, it’s the value part. Whatever virtues you possess, you’ve to upgrade constantly. No room of complacency. You’ve to learn and develop yourself throughout living span to justify your existence on earth. Because we all take birth with a blank brain and without any instruction manual. So, there’s no definite limit of self upgradation. It’s your hardest challenge. If you can’t attain a positive change in you by time, you’re not doing justice to yourself. Living without a purpose does not make any sense. Whenever you’re enjoying staying on this beautiful earth, live certain purposes with grace and leave a trail so that others can follow your footsteps. So, in term of value , if you’re satisfied with what you have is absolutely wrong.

There’s a hairline difference between being wealthy and being rich. Being wealthy stands for standerd living whereas being rich for standerd life.

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