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Nirmalya Saha, Psychosocial and motivational blogger. Wisdom coach.

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Can you feel what are you saying !!! It’s not that you don’t believe others. It’s you who is inconfident. It’s you who carry a very low self esteem. I think your very first appearance also displays that. May be you had experienced people avoiding you in some moments. You need to develop self belief. There must be some reason of your existence on this earth. Explore that. As long as you’re unaware about purpose of life, you can never have better and bigger self esteem.

Take a pen and paper. Note down all your desires and thoughts. Also take a note of how much percentage of desires you could fulfil till date.

Now try to analyse your habits. In daily life what kind of things you prefer to do regularly. What kind of responsibility you generally avoid to take. Say, you are fond of eating fish. You don’t have skepticism about varieties. But you don’t want to go to market for buying. Analyse why you don’t want. Is it lethargy! Is it lack of confidence!! Or something else!!! Take my word, go to the market and try to choose vegetables and fishes you want to have now a days. Out of ten times, eight times you’ll return without buying fish just because you don’t have practical idea of price, categorical variety, freshness etc. Now, can you see the value of being responsible??

Be more social. If you can’t participate, just listen carefully what conversation is going on. If it’s in your domain, start commenting from easy base. You may get some resistance from someone. Describe politely your view. Don’t get hyper. Your polite presentation with logic will make them understand the view. Once they acknowledge, you’ll feel confident.

Never stop learning. No knowledge has any endpoint. As long as you continue learning, you’ll enrich yourself. Your confidence level will grow up simultaneously with addition of knowledge in your thought process. You’ll start to identify larger perspectives of living. It’ll be a treasure hunt for you. You’ll feel happy without any visible reason. It’s the state of Mind when you can take pride of being self. That’s how you’ll have a better and bigger self esteem. You’re done.

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