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When you succeed, world comes to know who you are. But when you fail, you come to know your actual existence.

As long as you'll fly high, there will be lots of well wishers, admirers, philosophers, obsiquious people escorting your journey. Not all are in true colour. Most of them will try to utilize their existence into your orbit to satisfy their interest. Justifing I believe. We all have some role models, mentor, gurus whom we follow, take lessons & even refer their big names to cement own image. Someone somewhere also using my reference as well.

Point is who are walking beside you when you're passing through dark phases. In a celebration party, people you come across will hug with smile. After formality they'll be busy with food, drinks & their own circle. But some of them who'll stand beside you silently at crematorium holding your shoulder with unuttered commitment," Don't worry, I'm with you." Those are uncut diamonds in your life. It'll depend,how you'll polish those diamonds to convert them more shining,more reflecting & more precious.

Empty pocket, empty stomach & empty feelings are best teachers of #lifelessons . Whether you're focusing on density of your circle or intensity will decide how many real friends you've.

Choose wisely, live better.🙂

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