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#timing is very important aspect not only in cricket, but also in every aspect of life.

We saw player like Viredar Sehwag, scored tons of runs in all format of cricket without following rule book, without good technique & footwork. His only asset was confidence & hand-eye coordination. Still he's the only Indian Batsman to score test triple.

Life is not a cricket match. Yet timing has a great effect. It influences directly in #decisionmaking that can save your time, energy, mental peace.

📌 Say you're having a heated exchange with your friend or colleague on certain issue on dinner table & you went for rampant abusive tone.

📌 Same situation with boss.

📌 Same situation with partner.

📌 Same situation with your kid.

Now place yourself in each situation & think how you'll react to the peson sitting on the other side of table. Will it be identical? I believe NO.

Ask yourself, why so! Because you know the depth of every relation & effect on your life. You also know the magnitude of each aftereffect so far as your emotional equilibrium is concerned. For your own #career & #psychologicalsafety, you'll react differently. 🙂

That's what is called "TIMING" in life. More accurate you're, more #peaceful your life will be.

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