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Nirmalya Saha, Psychosocial and motivational blogger. Wisdom coach.

Political hatreds. It simply sucks.

As an independent individual, everyone has his/her own political choice according to matching ideology or for any other reason. I may differ from you in this respect. But it does not authorize me to misbehave with your views, use abusive words against your belief or statement. Unfortunately it’s happening all day long across all social media. Leaders have their own fan following and they’ll endorse every expression naturally. But when people of some other belief enter and participate in that conversation, things start to change towards misbehavior. There is no stoppage. Sometimes it turns towards political clashes on local level.

Another negative aspect of this sort of exchanges is it’s turning towards religious hate speech very easily. It’s a tragedy in our country that most of us don’t have any homework about politics. If you want to join politics , you need to study political history first. You have to understand the bottom line ideology behind the formation of that particular political concept. You need to know the outline of constitutional guidelines about political movements. You need to understand the parallel theories on which other concepts are running. Irony is that, you don’t need anything of these nowadays. Joining and flowing with political tide is the easiest modern way. As there is no knowledge base, heated exchanges very often turn towards religious dog fight on social media. People never think of giving minimum respect to rival members. You can find enough of slangs are being used frequently in political posts. This is sheer nonsense!

Is this really enriching any of us! No, never. There is nothing to learn, nothing to take on positive note. Some people are satisfying their superiority ego by negative reactions and others are getting demoralized, annoyed, irritated, frustrated.

These sort of posts are not adding any value to our lives. We are not getting any productive information here. In such a crunch time when whole world is struggling to survive amidst biggest economic downfalls, these hate speeches and contents are only serving for a minimum numbers who are satisfying their vested interest. That’s all.

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