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Self ownership

Life has it's own course, own rhythm.

We simply edit and divert the track according to our plans.

Sometimes we succeed, sometimes we fail.

We celebrate success as our own triumph.

In case of failure, we very often try to find scapegoat. Be it situation, object or person.

As if, we do things right, but it's due to external effect of influence, situation go out of our control.

Fact is something different.

Whatever the adverse catalyst is present in our life in any form, we are solely responsible to invite them & make them stay with us.

Now when you love a ride on lion, you're very much on proximity of being eaten by it.

Sometimes our choices ruin us, so as our escapist mindset.

Better to possess corrective desires. Done a mistake! No issue at all. Feel it, judge it, rectify it.

Be authentic, take authority of life.

It's yours. Make it large.😊

#selfawareness #responsible #mindset #clarity #lifelessons #positivepsychology

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