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Motivational traits…

Nirmalya Saha, Psychosocial and motivational blogger. Wisdom coach.

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Self motivated persons are real performers. They can handle any situation by their own process. They possess some unique characteristics like,

  1. They admit smartly their limitations.

  2. They’re good listeners and learners.

  3. They never hesitate to ask.

  4. They never procrastinate.

  5. They always like to help others.

  6. They keep their desires with less priority in gathering. Always tend to push people forward. Just to take the minimum chance to learn something from others.

  7. Their thought process starts with “we”, not “ I”.

  8. They always work on self improvement.

  9. They know where to say “no” distinctly.

  10. They never shout out to anyone to establish own logics.

If you have these qualities, you are a step ahead of any second person around you. If you’ve some of these, try to develop rest. You don’t need any external motivation. Because that process or happening will widen your views towards life. As long as you can’t apply those practically, you’ll never get desired result. So, having insights and applying those on practicalities can be handy for you. Keep your morale high. That’s the key.

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