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Mindset disorders…

Nirmalya Saha, Psychosocial and motivational blogger. Wisdom coach.

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It’s a typical mindset which can be found for different reasons in different people. So, there may be different set of symptoms you can observe. Generally you can find depressed people for n numbers of causes. If you interact with them and find them with shakey negative attitude for a prolonged period of time, they’re bearing low self esteem.

I can state some set of symptoms which generally found and considered to be negative esteemed identity.

  1. Sensitivity to criticism. They can’t find the positive side of any criticism. Actually they can’t stand with any discussion about themselves. They always think others are trying to defame them. Either they become shaky or get irritated. Either way they react rudely. That’s their defense.

  2. Social withdrawal what you can find in common. There’s always an intention to avoid gathering, known face, friends, near or distant relatives. Any good suggestion seems like lecture to them. Actually their very first approach towards any suggestion is resistance. They prefer to avoid any sort of discomfort according to their feel. That’s why they prefer to hibernate in own imaginary shell.

  3. Irritation or hostility is the most common symptom. Their mental restlessness reflects on their behavior. Their primary reaction is always upstart, rough. Main intention is to shut every mouth which utters anything about them.

  4. Too much focus on personal problems is another attitude which defines low self esteem. These people are always self centric. They’re least bothered about other’s feelings or disturbances. In any conversation, they always try to highlight their personal issues and surprisingly they always want others to be the Savior for them.

  5. Physical symptoms (fatigue, insomnia, and headaches) are seen as their habitual disorder. Actually they suffer from lifestyle diseases.

  6. Negative thoughts about the self. It happens due to lack of confidence. They consider themselves as perpetual failure. They always find the negative side of any aspects. In other words they try to find problems in every solutions. I mean it! Their mindset gets so so complicated and utterly negative.

  7. Feelings of worthlessness and defeat is another example of low self esteem and negative self appraisal. They even can’t consider themselves capable of bearing minimum responsibilities. It’s escapist mindset in other words. Even they can declare openly if any task offered to them that it’ll be a big failure to rely upon their expertise. They’re so confident about their inability.

  8. Experiencing shame after failure instead of taking corrections. In case of common people, they feel disheartened but try to find out the root cause of any fault where things can go wrong and take lesson from those to avoid further recurrence. People with low self esteem think radically opposite. They feel ashamed of themselves as they think the failure is another example of worthlessness. They don’t even rectify, instead they avoid doing such things which can be a shameful failure as per their experience and realization.

These are mostly common mindset traits of people with low self esteem.

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