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Nirmalya Saha, Psychosocial and motivational blogger. Wisdom coach.

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It depends on how you find your purpose of living. How you approach to your duties and responsibilities. How you narrate your life statement, is it full of “I”, “ ME”, “MY” sort of addressing or it consists of “WE”, “ OUR”, “US” type of collective thoughts!

Look, our realizations depend on how we understand the process of living. How we cultivate our upfront habit and behaviour towards self and others. How we relate to social structure.

A person living in self imposed isolation can’t think universally. Due to his one track mind, he can’t break out of monotonous shell and give himself a chance to social mix up. He’s too concerned about own problems. As he likes to be an undercover, his thought process never cultivate any global purpose. These type of people , due to their hostility, can’t be accepted to all. If such a person thinks of life, his thought process will run arround his own self. Any small or big achievement he can have will be good for him only. If you ask such a person about meaning of life, his statement and explanation will be focused on selfish intuitions.

On contrary, the other social people who lives normal behavioural life can relate to joy and sorrow of others. They feel happy for other’s achievements, as well as feel sorrow for any accident that may not involve him but his near and dear ones. Obviously he also thinks of his own growth, feels, future, family but simultaneously he thinks of society. He’ll never do anything which is harmful or disturbing to others. He’ll express concern about other’s problems and will try his level’s best to deal with. Whatever experience, WISDOM he will acquire throughout his life, he’ll try to share with others so that they also can do some fixation in their lives. This is the true way of living meaningfully.

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