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Nirmalya Saha, Psychosocial and motivational blogger. Wisdom coach.

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We take birth as an outcome of biological process and we die biologically. In between birth and death there lies another biological span called life.

We don’t have any control on birth and death. But we can live with full authority. We spend our whole tenure as per our choice. Not every life has same story. The ideal story should be identifying the purpose of life and living those purposes. Question is how can we make it!

Well, let me describe the steps to enjoy a meaningful life. Check out the details.

  1. Focus on the Important Things. We all have some things that are more important than others. Amazing is that there is no rule book of choices. So, every identity has some different objectives in life. Just mark top 5 objectives you want to keep on highest priority in your life. Work on those religiously. Say, you love to paint or you’re very good at any musical instrument. Make it your profession. Because you can have some passionate performance in your life which can take you to another level.

  2. Find Your Life’s Purpose. To live a meaningful life, you need to find out the meaning first. Ask yourself. What do you want in life? What’s your favourite passion? How do you see yourself from remote angle? What type of contribution you want to make to this society? Most importantly, why will you live on this earth? You’ve to find out answers first. Then start working on it. Get the meaning and think of meaningful life.

  3. Give to Others. Of course, this does not mean that you should base all your life actions to helping the rest. You are the focus of your life, but giving to others will give your life more purpose and meaning. So, focus on the things you find important, but make sure to help others. This will increase your and their life satisfaction. Sometimes, something as simple as lending a friendly ear or shoulder to cry on can give your life more meaning.

  4. Be Aware of Your Actions. What can you chang or what kind of improvement you achieve? Review in periodic term. You have to have the clear idea of your journey. If anything wrong is there, make necessary corrections. It’s your life, don’t expect some other expert will guide you throughout. Take every step as a step closer to your goal but keep options open to withdraw and start again. Your one wrong step can delay your improvement by years. Be cautious.

  5. Find Some Courage. You need to be courageous to live, but living a meaningful life requires a lot more. After all, you need to make many changes to achieve this, try new things and put yourself out there. Once you determine the essential actions to improve your way of living, you can easily find courage. Don’t be afraid to be different or try something new – you can rarely achieve your biggest goals without a bit of a risk.

  6. Focus. Take one task at a time. Instead of micromanaging 10/20 tasks, make a priority chart and pick the most essential one to work on. Say, if you want to be a writer, first focus on gathering subjective knowledge, learn to make content, discuss with some experts, improve writing / storytelling skills, share with masterminds to get some review and after that think to purchase pen and paper.

  7. Simplify the Life. It’s a trick. Though sounding strange. You’ve to focus on your objectives. So, separate yourself from those involvements which can cause stress and simultaneous distraction. So, simplify your daily living by erasing unwanted disturbances.

  8. Express Yourself. Embrace your identity. You’re one of it’s kind and be confident about that. Don’t suppress your views for fear of rejection. You can’t get acceptance unanimously. Take criticism as editing tool. Living meaningful is a journey without any end. So you need to take every step seriously so that your living can’t be deviated by any silly mistakes.Finding your life’s meaning is a journey that never ends. It is not something you will find and be done with it, but you must maintain your living meaningful every step of the way. After all, you may find something to be meaningful today, but this does not mean that you will find it meaningful tomorrow. Seeing that you are the one giving meaning to things, it is your job to pursue them.

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