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Life and growth…

Nirmalya Saha, Psychosocial and motivational blogger. Wisdom coach.

If you can climb Mount Everest while having a morning walk with pet, what will happen?

Hills will not remain so beautiful and adventures to us.

If a newborn baby can form a complete sentence, what will happen?

There will be no transformation phase in biological life.

If anybody can sing like Bob Delan, what will happen?

There’ll be no stage attraction.

If anybody can play soccer like CR7, what will happen?

There’ll be no charm on ground.

If a poet can invent remedy of cancer, what’ll happen?

There’ll be no need of labs and research fellows.

What are these questions referring?

If there is no hardship, there will be no excellence.

If you don’t need to bear the pain, to prepare, to practice, to acquire more knowledge, your life will be dull. You can’t upgrade yourself. You’ll be bored of such living. Life will be mundane.

If everything we can get at ease

  1. There’s no need to study.

  2. There’s no need to be disciplined.

  3. There’s no need to compete.

  4. There’ll be no validity of different profession.

  5. Hypothetically, there will be no professional work as well.

  6. There’s no need of holidays because entire life will be in workless mode.

  7. There’ll be no invention as we don’t need to upgrade ourselves.

More alarmingly, if this imagination can be habitual in life, there’ll be a radical change in life cycle. we’ll return back to stone age or more earlier time step by step.

  1. No professional need means professions will be vanished by time.

  2. No more infrastructural development and maintenance means by time we’ll loose our buildings, roads, transportation.

  3. No education needed means there will be no school/college/university.

  4. No job option means everyone has to carry the load of raw flesh in the name of living.

  5. After one or two decades, there’ll be no concrete construction, no road, no transportation, no schooling.

  6. People will be compelled to live in forests or nomans land .

  7. Because of hunger, we’ll finish botanical sources and then eat each other.

  8. One day living creatures will be finished from earth.

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