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Life & Agreement...

Have you ever signed any agreement?

It always should be bipartite at least.

You have to agree with someone else & one common point you two are freezing the deal. That's agreement.

Same happens with life. It's a deal for all of us. Here 1st party is "ME". Who's the 2nd pary?

Any guess?

Well, it's DEATH.

That's the only confirmed station for all.

How we live? We simply rent a span of time from death.That's an automatic agreement for all. Death is the dictator & it always wants you to reach the finishing line without any push back.

Now it's upto you whether you acknowledge it or not.

If yes, your mindset will be compromising with every situation. There will be no hunger for evolution & evaluation. Your life will move on easiest options & ultimately attain an average ending. Your identity after you will be a mere number only.

If no,means you're challenging the contract & denying the attraction of unnamed ending. You want to make full use of it & make your journey graceful. You're ready to face hurdles, take pains,chase your dreams,go for something which others don't even dare to dream! You're all set to leave trail behind you so that millions can follow your footsteps. That's how legends are born & epics are created.

It's your life. Make it large. 😊

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