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Leadership needs courage.

Want to be a champ? Work hardest.

Want to retain championship? What to do for that? Any clue?

Want to sit on boss's chair? Yes or No?

You'll definitely answer affirmative. Do you understand what promotion means?

It's positive result is you'll get monetary benefit as well as portfolio prestige. But it's negative result is your employment opportunity will decrease in numbers. The higher you'll climb on corporate ladder, lesser will be your options to change organization. Isn't it scary?

Of course it's scary for many, but not for all. Those who are bold enough to take long term decisions by sacrificing negligible blocks & short term benefits can have proportionately better chance to survive in a leadership role.

Same ideology applies for all heading a family to heading a nation. There will always be something objectionable or disagreeable. But leader must be courageous enough to continue withought taking a step backward for collective gain.


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