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Inner conflict & you...

Whatever stage of life you're going through, it's very important to hold internal composition with strong grip.

Otherwise you may fall short of concentration, temperament and logical reasoning.

The easiest task may become impossible for a while & by that time you may miss a golden opportunity.

Competition is everywhere & you've to be oon the toes. There will be minimum chance for rethinking.

If dilemma continues, game is over.

The principal area to be addressed is #innerconflict & #decisionmaking.

There is always a face off between emotion & logic. Emotion controls your feelings, logic operates thinking.

If you can't keep harmony between the two, you can't land on inference, you can't have a kick start.

If you can't hear the starting fire, how can you finish!

Neutralize internal confrontation and make a good solid start.

When you start a thing, just finish it. That's the key of success. 😊

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