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Hyperkinetic Disorder

It's a group of disorders characterized by early onset, combination of overacrive, poorly modulated behavior with marked inattention & lack of persistent task involvement. Pervasiveness over situations and persistence over time are major traits of these behavioral characteristics. It's widely thought that constitutional abnormalities play a critical role in the genesis of this disorder. But knowledge on specific etiology is lacking at present. In recent years the use of diagnostic term "attention deficit disorder" for these syndromes have been promoted.

Hyperkinetic disorders always arise early, more precisely in first 5 years of life. Their chief characteristics are lack of persistence in activities that require cognitive involvement & a tendency to move from one activity to another without completing any one, together with disorganized, I'll regulated & excessive activity. These problems usually persist throughout school years & even into later life. But many affected individuals show improvement in activity & attention.

Many other abnormalities may be associated with these disorders. Hyperkinetic kids are often reckless & impulsive, prone to accident & find themselves in disciplinary trouble because of unthinking breaches of rule. Their relationships with adults are often socially disinhibited, with a lack of normal caution. Because of overactivity, they are unpopular with other children & may feel isolated. Cognitive impairment is common. Specific delay in motor & language development are disproportionately frequent.

There are some secondary complaints also for this disorder. It includes dissocial behavior and low self esteem. There is considerable overlap between hyperkinesis & other patterns of disruptive behavior, such as " unsocialized conduct disorder". Nevertheless, current finding favors the separation of a group in which hyperkinesis is the main problem. Hyperkinetic disorders are several times more frequent in boys than in girls. Associated reading difficulties & other scholastic problems are common.

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