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How to treat stress related problems.

When someone experiences rampant mood swings & seizure, he/she opts silence and prefers to isolate self from all external sources. We generally suggest the person to come out of self isolation & talk to friends at least. General perception is this is the way to get out of any emotional dark phase. People often overcome their maladaptive reactions to stress in course of time, but help of an expert may speed up the process. Expert has 2 broad functions , (1) to provide support to troubled people (2) to strengthen their coping skills. It's hard to recover from stress related issues if one feels socially isolated. Because most stress reactions involve feeling of inadequacy & isolation. Many people can be helped by supportive therapy in which the therapist listens sympathetically & provide encouragement. Though they use different terms, both psychodynamically & humanistically oriented therapists emphasize the client-coach relationship as a mean for adaptive coping. Variety of anti anxiety & antidepressant drugs are available to help people. While drugs are not a cure, they can help the patient overcome short term stress. Tranquilizers are often used with supportive therapy.

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