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#happiness doesn't have any comparative metrics. Neither has any tangible connection.

Most of the time we fail to identify when we get overwhelmed & when happy. Say, you ordered latest version of iPhone which will be delivered after 3 days. With each passing hour, your temptation goes higher while thinking of that machine. It reaches to peak when you unbox & touch it with extreme emotiom. Your temptation triggers Dopamine secretion & you feel like flying on 7th heaven in joy.

Is it happiness? No. It's excitement that comes down by time. As you get familiar with all features, it becomes a normal companion to you. After 1 or 2 months you start to use it as your previous cellphone. You get habituated.

Happiness is not a temporary phase. It's like keeping a saturated mind all the time. You still expect but don't pay too much attention to wishlist. It means you know to let go. Materials can't make you happy, neither your status. It's your feeling of #completeness which will never let your moral down for any absent component.

Feeling of completeness can be understood by a simple question:

Q:- Who is rich?

A:- One who has huge wealth.

Q :- No, who's rich?

A :- One who doesn't expect more.

Similarly happiness is a state of mind when you don't expect or compare. 🙂

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