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Generalized Anxiety Disorder.

Generalized anxiety disorder might be best describe as consultant of prolonged, bagus, unexplained but intense fear that do not seem to be attached to any particular object. They resemble normal fears, but there is no actual danger, & in most cases danger is not even imagined to be present. Not only do individuals suffering from anxiety disorder worry about minor things that have happened, they also feel worried & tense even when nothing even mildly alarming has occurred. The pic attached shows major features. This diagnosis is not used if there is evidence that the features listed are due to substance abuse or due to general medical condition.

The symptoms o generalized anxiety disorder usually include worry, hypervigilance, motor tension & excessive autonomic activity. About 3% of population have this disorder in any given year. It's more common among women than men. The course of this disorder for both men & women is usually protracted, with duration of as long as 20 years being common. The disorder tends to become evident between the late teens & early 20s.

WORRY - People with this disorder worry about what future holds for them, for people close to them or for their materials.

HYPERVIGILANCE - People who suffer from this disorder adopt a sentry like stance in their approach to life. They constantly scan the environment for dangers, although often they can't specify what the dangers might be. The excessive vigilance is related to their hyperaroused state. Because they're always alert to potential threats, they can be easily distracted from tasks on which they're working. Their hypervigilance also affect falling asleep.

MOTOR TENSION - Individuals with this symptom are unable to relax, they are keyed up & visibly shaky & tense. Strained facial expressions are common as furrowed brows & deep sighs.

AUTONOMIC REACTIVITY - In individuals with this symptom, the sympathetic & parasympathetic nervous system seems to be working overtime. There is some combination of sweating, dizziness, pounding or racing heart, hot or cold spells, cold & clammy hands, upset stomach, light headedness, frequent urination, lump in throat, high pulse & respiration rate.

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