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Focus on self.

Irony of life. That's why we are not happy with own life. Everytime we think others are in far better situation. It's a problem of our distant vision. Not ophthalmic, but psychological.

A sense of pure social competition is responsible for vision disorder. Process to overcome is also very easy.

You've to concentrate on yourself. Compare & compete with yourself. You very well can have one or more idol, but to reach their status you need to improve yourself inch by inch. If you're not aware about own base, how can you measure growth!

Better to accept yourself as it is. Know the true self. Determine how long you've to go to reach the ideal self & what you need to do for that. Once you're confident, just start. Don't think of failures, that's inevitable.

Until & unless you aren't experiencing darker phases, you can't land on bright spot. So, want to shine like Sun? Be ready to burn like it frst. Don't look at the grass on other side. It'll always look greener. 🙂

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