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Fear of travelling….

What is meant by hodophobia? How can I overcome it?

Nirmalya Saha, Psychosocial and motivational blogger. Wisdom coach.

Well, hodophobia is a Greek word. Hodo means travel and phobia means fear or allergic defense. Hodophobia means fear of traveling. This sort of fear can be generated for many reasons or numerous tensions like accidents, wastage of time, falling ill at an unknown place, expenditures etc. It’s naturally seen people who are scared of any of such possibilites, are generally happy to avoid any long distance travel by road. Their general view is like travelling itself is an inviting process of problems. As if , they’re 100% safe, secured and free from any sort of hazards at home. We usually call these type of people home sick.

Positive is that, it’s not incurable issue. Not for everyone, but almost 99% of hodophobic people can be motivated towards reverse mindset. There are some methods which can be useful to wipe out the fear of traveling. Such as,

1. Realize your fear is inhibiting you from fully living. You’re born and brought up in a city or town or village. It’s obvious that you love your native place the most. But there lies a big world outside of that place. There are many unsung songs, unseen beauty, untasted dishes, unseen landscapes which you can never experience in your hometown. Without tasting most varieties of goodness in this world, you can never consider you life as fully lived.

2. Realize there will always be excuses in life. Be it travelling, jobs, business, affair, daily routine, everywhere. If you want to do, nothing can prevent you. If you want avoid , you’ll have millions of excuses. So as in travelling also. You may encounter a lot of dilemma regarding exploring new places. You’ve to understand that without unboxing, you can’t enjoy surprises.

3. Start small trips where you can spend a few hours and come back on same day. Trust me, you’ll feel more charged. It’s not only because you experienced a new place, but also for feeling some new style of daily livelihoods.

4. Create a budget for trips. If you’re from lower or lower middle income group, it’s obvious that you’ll feel defensive about extra expenses. Start savings from small penny. Don’t dream big. Spend according to your budget. Luxury is not essential for travelling.

5. Look at the odds. Untill and unless you’re going to any war torn country, every place is safe for passengers. Fear of accidents take birth in every mind. That shouldn’t be the main cause. Because all incidents we can’t elaborate with valid reasons are called accident. It can happen anytime, anywhere, and in any form. Do we stop going out for that??

6. Fill out your calendar. Make a thoughtful work calendar and utilize gaps for tour. Don’t get anxious about deadline or target. When you’re in job, hit the deck hard. If you’ve 10 days to complete certain project, try to finish it within 8 days. You’ll not always be successful but it’ll make you comfortable to think of proposed outing.

7. Get yourself involved in planning the tour program, arranging essentials, packing, etc. Feel the excitement by inner self. Not only the tour, but preparations are same enthusiastic. Be with it. I’m sure you’ll be back with the plan of next break. Coz it’s happiness break.

8. Think of travels as a phase to grow experiences. You can gather some new ideas of living or spending times on your daily life which you can never have from your home zone. Coz there’s a lot if change in taste, practice, rituals with geographical changes. Ultimately new learning will enrich you.

9. Create a serious list of your dreams or desires you want to fulfil in travelling. Everyone has this. You may note it down like a to do list. Start working on it so that you can believe it’s doable. I believe this list will go higher as your number of tours.

10. Travel the first trip. Your initial fears about going out will start to decrease. As you’ll face the ground realities of exploring new places, you’ll find it interesting , not so scary. Feel every bit of joy of knowing the unknown. I’m sure while returning back, your desire of touring will increase by considerable level.

11. Lastly, you’re your own boss. In worst situation, you can always return to home. Suppose you’re on a tour of certain hill areas. Suddenly weather gets cloudy and raining starts. If there is any possibility of more rain or landside or any other natural calamity, you are free to return home or move to a new place with better weather condition.

Happy journey…..

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