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Have you ever faced any reality which you know inevitable but don't want to experience? Believe most of us had such time in life.

Most common happening is your near & dear one on deathbed. You know very well that however critical the situation is, you need to continue treatment knowing the fact that you're playing a game you can never win. Still we all play with a hope that some miracle can happen. Despite making mind, we can't accept the ultimate.

Say, there is a trust issue between you & your partner. Both of you know but never tried to sort it out through discussion. As a result, your relationship is getting worse day by day.

Your boss has some ego problem with you for some indefinite reason. You know but never dare to ask directly because of red-flag possibility.

All these are common stories in daily life. Do we handle it smartly. Mostly no. We don't take risk of making bosses more annoyed, never ask partners directly to know the ground reality, never try to accept the universal truth "man is mortal" for own periphery.

All these issues are as real as sunlight. Still we try to keep as it is to avoid any further aggravation. Actually somewhere we feel very unconfident about own integrity which affects our confidence lebel badly. And we feel safer to compromise.

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