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Enjoying challenges...

The word “challenge” indicates some mindset barriers.

When our automatic flow of thought confronts with reality and gets hit hard and loose the situation, resistance grows consciously. This is called challenge.

It’s like an war with invisible opponent.

During recent lock down, we have to opt “stay at home” with apparently healthy clinical condition to fight against COVID-19.

How one can enjoy challenges! One needs to understand what actually happens in mind.

Challenges can be treated in two different ways. Motivator and deflector. The second one is common choice of thought. Why so? Because it’s an indication of mental road block. Our thoughts can’t go beyond certain limit of imagination and reach to the same inference time and again. It causes irritation in mind which eventually hardens the so called challenge. We start to think deeply about the obstacle only whereas we never try to find other way. That’s the blockage. There may be several reasons for such thoughts.

1. Something painful had happened in past with same kind of challenge. The outcome makes us defensive every time we can smell the possibility of similar outcome. Actually we can’t imagine a better ending. That’s the problem.

2. May be we can’t see any positive outcome because we don’t have variety of options in our thinking store. To gather variations, we need experience and analyzing capability. Analysis is indeed an exercise which needed to be performed on regular basis.

3. May be we have an eye on certain outcome and get worried about making it go that way. It’s basically due to limitation in quality thinking. Quality comes from logical reasoning and engaging mind with positive thoughts. If we always look something like hard work, very soon it’ll form an hurdle into our mind and we get stuck with those scary thoughts so deeply that no gettable option comes in line of planning.

4. May be we get overwhelmed by too many challenges. Consecutive pumping makes us so tired that we don’t find enthusiasm in looking beyond stopper. Actually this sort of practice drag us to clueless situation from where we start to blame others. Actually we can’t take anymore.

Well, enough of fearsome details. Now, let’s concentrate on some hopes. How challenges can play a role of motivator for us will determine how we can enjoy those.

It’s a process you’ve to start by your own. Mindfulness is necessary. You have to be with challenges. You’ve to understand the level of penetration considering your own limitations in thought process. You’ve to analyze the scary part of your thought and disassociate it from main objective i.e. challenges.

Our thoughts are collection of some information. It’s like we have some dots as info and we start connecting those as per our acceptance like 1,2,3,4 etc. As every individual has separate sense, this chronology may be different. What you consider as info no.2 may be considered as 5 by others. That’s why our opinions differ, decisions differ. After connecting all dots, you’ve to dig out the root of fear i.e. your problems. This is the most enthusiastic exercise which if you can do successfully, you can enjoy all so called challenges at ease. You’ve to dissect your problems by yourself only. Reprogram your thoughts with following corrections.

1. Set your view in positive or negative direction. Either you’ve to see the whole situation in positive aspect or opposite. But be sure how you are looking at the fact. It’ll be easy to categorize the findings. Once you can settle for certain inference, you can move forward with more confidence.

2. Next important exercise is to identify the particular portion of the incident which is causing problems for your acceptance. If the incident is for the sake of entire society, you’ve to consider it as bigger responsibility and keep your choices and irritations on back bench of priority list. It’s not like sacrificing own choices, it’s more like highlighting the bigger cause selflessly.

3. Do not overlook your reactions and it’s after effects at your home, locality, society, office or workplace. If you always see every small happening as problem & try to counter, your irritation level will increase significantly. It can worsen your home atmosphere, relation with friends and neighbors, even with colleagues and superiors. Eventually you’ll invite more complications in your already miserable life.

4. Be sensible and responsible by all means. Think deeply and thoroughly considering all options. What’s the necessity, what to do, how to do ad what kind of safety measures should be taken. Be within yourself and keep your family under guidance. Do spread some social awareness and ask others to understand depth of invisible threat. You can feel a magical change in your thought process. You’ll feel the ownership and can view the productive side of the situation. Thus the feel of challenge will be converted into feel of responsibility. Isn’t enjoyable?

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