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Effects of Bereavement.

In life, we all face some stress arousing situations that typically evoke high level of stress & may result in emotions so intensely that they interfere with normal functioning. Such conditions require adjustment to situations that arise in life. Death of a close one illustrates the need for a situational adjustment. Going to college for the first time is an example of transitional adjustment. Accidents, natural disasters, war situation, social violence are some life size example of stress arousing incidents. Bereavement refers to the loss of someone significant through that person's death. The normal course of recovery often extends to a year or more & such pattern is not considered to be an adjustment disorder. It's only when a person's response differs from this normal pattern, and when coping difficulties & emotional distress continue without gradual improvement, that the diagnosis of adjustment disorder would be given. The attached pic shows behavioral & psychological changes in adult person observed in the period following the loss of loved one.

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