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Consequences of ADHD.

How you'll identify that your kid is somehow affected with ADHD?

It's an important as well as scary question to parents. I'm sure nobody will be happy to know that their kid has got some serious behavioral disorder.

Well, ADHD produces 2 important consequences for children - deficiencies in both academic & social skills. Deficit in attention may have a negative effect on learning because they make it more difficult for children to pick up basic information & concepts. In a typical school setting, this problem is compounded by distraction & lack of organization in school assignments. In turn, these difficulties may result in lack of practice of basic skills, such as those gained by completing sets of arithmetic problems or spelling exercises. As a result, school achievement becomes a problem, continuously setting up a spiral of decreasing achievement can encourage a negative self view.

One of the most important aspect of a child's development is the ability to interact successfully with peers. Kids, diagnosed with ADHD may experience social roadblocks because they are not well liked, either by their classmates or their teachers. This interaction between a kid's behavior & behavior of another person is frequently seen in family as well as in school. Parents of children with this disorder often experience marital difficulties, high level of stress & conflict-laden oarent- child interactions. Parents of kids with ADHD experience more stress & fewer parental gratification than most other parents. Another important source of stress comes from people outside of family who may respond negatively to parents by expressing disapproval either about their parenting skills or the child's behavior.

When parents of hyperactive kids were interviewed, they describe life with a hyperactive kid is very exhausting, because the kid is always on the go, has a short attention span & is likely to behave in dangerous ways because of failure to think before acting. The combination of inattentiveness, impulsiveness & hyperactivity makes it difficult for kids to consider alternatives. Consequently they may do things that create, rather than solve, problems.

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