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Cocaine - intoxications & withdrawals.

Cocaine, the name itself is a headline nowadays for it's popularity among celebrities. It's the main active drug in the leaves of the coca bush, which grows on eastern slopes of the Andes in South America. The Indians of Peru & Bolivia have used coca leaves for centuries to increase endurance & decrease hunger so that they can better cope with the rigors of their economically marginal, high altitude existence. In 1860, Cocaine was isolated & purified. Sigmund Freud, who periodically used cocaine himself, recommend it's use to treat depression & other conditions including morphine withdrawal.

Cocaine is the only drug known to be both local anaesthetic & CNS system stimulant. Whereas the opioid are drowners that slow body's response, cocaine is an upper that increases heart rate, raises BP & body temperature & decreases appetite. It puts the body I'm ana emergency state in the same way that a rush of adrenaline in stressful situation. Though it's not clear how cocaine produces this effect, it's likely that it causes a large amount of dopamine release in brain. Cocaine also affects last 3 parts of brain i.e. Cerebral Cortex, Hypothalamus & Cerebellum. Overdose of this drug can cause "Cocaine psychosis".

Cocaine produces hyperalartness & the feeling that one is being witty. Cocaine users argue that there are no hangover like alcohol, no injection scars like heroin, no lung cancer like tobacco or marijuana. Unfortunately, it's action is more complex & less benign than most users believe. Because it's effects are highly reinforcing & psychologically addicting to the user. Damaging habit usually develops over a period. Compulsive users can't turn it down. Think about it, dream about it, spend all their savings on it & borrow, steal or deal drugs to pay for it. Physical tolerance also develops quickly, so an increased dose is needed to produce the same effect. Repeated use of Cocaine produce a state of mania with impaired judgement, rambling talk, hyperactivity & paranoia that may lead to violence or accidents. In addition people with high BP or damaged arteries may suffer strokes.

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