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#change is the only constant in life. As we grow from infancy to old age, not only our anatomy changes, does change our psychic also. Because convictions change according to experience & we discover all new dimension of very common facts. Such as,

1. Kids look school as symbol of discipline, may be like jail. But the same kid feels nostalgic by seeing the building after 30/40 years.

2. Kids are always in a hurry to grow older to access all liberties like making own schedule, earning & spending from own, dictate all terms, etc. The same kid, after may be 20yrs, realize that being dependent was way easy than to serve responsibilities.

3. A 50 yr old person while walking on the road noticed couple of youngsters talking intimately at public place & get annoyed with degraded moral. It's not degradation,it's change of thinking pattern that allow them to get closer emotionally to understand each other.

There may be numerous such examples. You may take either side but you've to understand that life on both the phases are equally important to learn, to experience & to land on some kind realization which we call experience.

Better to enjoy all the phases of life without much fault finding. You'll never get the second chance to live the same moment. 🙂

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