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Does your kid lose temper frequently?

Does your kid argue with seniors?

Is your kid vindictive? Or deliberately annoys others?

Does your kid refuse to comply with senior's requests?

Don't worry, just asking if you can relate to symptoms. Because these are most common problems nowadays. Confusing is all these symptoms are almost similar to those of Antisocial Personality Disorder. There is every chance that parents may think that their child is going out of control. Fact is proper & timed intervention can redirect the child's behavior & it's factually proven.

At times, kids or adolescents behave like negativist, disobedient & hostile ways towards authority figures. If this behavior is severe enough to interfere with kid's functioning & relation with others, the child may be diagnosed as having OPPOSITIONAL DEFIANT DISORDER. According to DAM-IV-TR criteria, it may strike you that all kids act in some of these ways sometimes.

Boundaries between what is normal arguing, for example, & something that would meet diagnostic criterion are not clearly defined. That's why DSM also requires that these behaviors not only occur frequently, bit also that they occur more frequently than is typical for kids of comparable age & development. Because the degree & frequency of these behaviors that's considered normal is not defined. This can be a problem for clinicians who only rely on reports of parents & teachers without behavioral observation.

For example, in the age period known as "terrible twos", children normally behave in a very oppositional manner at many times & their parents think that "no" is their favourite word. This behavior is actually a reflection of children's increasing sense of competence. Unless parents aware of this developmental patterns, they may risk mislabeling their child, thus creating rather than solving a problem.

Points to remember, the first is that the disorder is not commonly diagnosed before the age of 10 & the second is that there is not a great deal of difference between boys & girls, though boys have higher rate. 😊

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