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Nirmalya Saha, Psychosocial and motivational blogger. Wisdom coach.

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A good logical query. Well, it needs to shift mindset. Just to change the way you see things. Just concentrate on solutions instead of giving importance to problems.

Look, how you think and act will define your life.

Of course there is law of attraction. Positive likes positive. Think likewise. Not like the question which focuses on negativity.

Finding perspective is the main criteria. How negative the mindset may be, how miserable the living may be, there’s always a better tomorrow.

There are some tricks you can apply to yourself and I bet you’ll find your life positive and purposeful. Let’s check the list.

  1. Love yourself. Assume yourself as the most beautiful one.

  2. Introspect. What’s going wrong in your thought process. Is it content, is it the way you look yourself or is it your vision towards living!!!

  3. Identify malware in your thinking system. Detouch yourself from those distractions. In the beginning it’ll be very tough to avoid those silly thoughts. You need conscious practice.

  4. You can try meditation. It’s an universal healer. Try for 20 minutes everyday. Focus on your strengths and think about those during meditation. I’m sure you’ll find yourself in much better position within a week.

  5. Avoid people who try to belittle you in various ways. They’re there to provoke only. You may consider them as your sympathisers, but try to find out their vested interests. Ask anything contradictory and you’ll get the real intentions.

  6. Invest some time on physical exercise. You may join gym. It’ll get you some happy times with positive people. Besides your physical labour will increase the secretion of happy hormones like Endorphin. You’ll feel much better as your thought process will adopt some new directions.

  7. Choose yellow as your favorite colour. Change all curtains of your room to yellow. This colour give you positive vibes everytime like sunshine.

  8. Spend quality time with family, friends and pets. If you don’t have pets, start feeding stray dogs. It’s an amusing affair. Talk to birds. Forget what others will think. Birds are very good listeners and they react peculiarly. You’ll feel happy.

  9. If you find it tough to combat negative thoughts and consequences, take a pen and paper and note down what’s running in your mind. Read it repeatedly. Find the negative catalyst. Omit it from your writing. Read again. Say, you wrote, “ I’m not that smart. People don’t like my attitude.” So, the bottom line negativity is your perception. Now what to do!! Figure out the connection between visual smartness and attitude. Is it really a valid parameter?? No, your upfront attitude will decide how smart you are. Can you identify the falsehood of perception?? That’s where you need correction. Got it!!!

  10. Don’t compare your life with others. You never stepped in other’s shoes and walk their path or neither they. So, you can’t fill in the blanks of your life by their achievements. Rather you’ll end up in more frustration.

  11. Most importantly, reincurr the kid in you who used to be happy without any definite reason. Think like the kid, do some wired things, reinstall social skills as you’re seeing a whole new world. Sometimes we need to be messy and clueless to overpower all calculative thoughts which always drag you to negative zone.

Nobody knows how this earth was formed actually. Neither anybody can see the future. So, concentrate on present. Don’t spoil it by illusive beliefs or fear of unknown. You can make it happen. Trust me.

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