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Red Flag for Autism

How you can identify your kid with different life?

Diagnosis of Autism can be difficult because, even though many autistic children have some sort of mental retardation, they usually appear physically normal & their motor development usually occurs at the proper time. Almost all children have identical pattern of behavior like staring off into space & rocking back and forth, head banging etc. Still some behaviors are there to differentiate autistic kids which parents can observe minutely before going to see a doctor.

1. Communication. No response to name calling. Can't tell what he/she wants. Language delay. Doesn't follow directions. Seems deaf sometimes. Doesn't wave bye-bye. Used to say few words repetitively.

2. Social Concerns. Prefers to play alone. Doesn't smile socially. Very independent & get things for oneself. Poor eye contact. Seems to be in own world. Not interested in other children.

3. Behavioral Concerns. Shows frequent tantrums. Very uncooperative & hyperactive. No idea about how to play with toys. Walks on toes. Gets stuck on things over and over. Shows oversensitivity to certain textures or sounds. Possess odd movement patterns.

4. Absolute indications for immediate further evaluation. No babbling sounds by 12 months. No gesturing like pointing, waving etc, by 12 months. No single words by 16 months. No two word spontaneous phrases by 24 months. Any loss of any language or social skills at any age.

These are all red flags for autistic disorder which parents and other family members who are unconditionally attached with the child can observe. Because parental concerns about what they perceive as abnormal development in their child are often brushed off by professionals. That's why the checklist is the pic had been developed by researchers to enable parents to identify potentially dangerous signs. (Filipek - 1999)

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