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Nirmalya Saha, Psychosocial and motivational blogger. Wisdom coach.

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Clapping is the only universal language to cheer for. Irrespective of country, sphere, continent languages change in numerous varieties, forms, colonial formats. English is the most accepted medium to correspond. But there are many countries where people don’t understand English.

Where as clapping produces the sound that attracts anybody’s attention at ease.

When a few months old baby starts to operate it’s limbs consciously and find the unique sound by hitting two soft palms with each other, it feels amused and smile. That’s the foundation of habitual belief to any individual that clapping represents the mood of happiness.

As thought process grows, it starts to cultivate plans, in worse situation conspire. But the basic instincts of both conscious and subconscious mind remains same.

So, we do clap for others

  1. To express happiness.

  2. To congratulate.

  3. To cheer.

  4. To celebrate.

  5. To acknowledge.

  6. To relate insights.

Because, it’s universal. No explanation needed. No possibility of misunderstanding. That’s it.

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