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Nirmalya Saha, Psychosocial and motivational blogger. Wisdom coach.

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It’s a silly emotional outbreak that can’t be in control sometimes. But you can get rid of this habit by some psychological practices, specially withdrawal systems. You’re brought up with some fixed mindsets. These are these are the state of yoyr mental comfort. Whenever you experience anything aligned with your mindset, you feel like “it’s OK”. If experience differs, you start to show resistance, attitude, screaming. Here you’ve to put breaks.

Now, sit back and think quietly about certain steps I’m stating below.

  1. Know the Difference Between Reacting and Overreacting. It’s the most important choice you’ve to make. We very often overreact on silly things with less importance. Say, you went out for a movie and forgot the wallet at home. In mid way you found that and came back to take the moneybag. It’s your fault. Still if you shout out to your family for this, that’s over reaction. It can’t get you the lost time back but can spoil the mood and interrelationship. Look, like physics every action creates emotional disturbance equally. We can’t control the outbreak and overreact. Separate your mindset from such small disturbing factors. It has no positive effect except spoiling moods and relationships.

  2. Identify Your Triggers. Set your own priority of respnose. We all have some sensitive buttons in mindset. Also there are lotbif people to push those. So before getting carried away, you must know the triggers which irritated you most. So, take last reaction in count. If you see similar situation, try to avoid. Besides, take care of health, sleep, rest to avoid any continuous irritation which can distract your mindset at any point of time. A perpetual sick very often can’t tolerate simple questions like “how are you”. So, to avoid unwanted disturbances, identify your points of irritation clearly and distant yourself from those situations.

  3. Breathe Before You Do Anything. Because you never know how things will come to you in return. So, before taking any action, take a deep breath and think thoroughly whether it’s necessary for you or not. As simple as it sounds, taking a deep breath calms you and gives you time to really think about what just happened. Maybe you jump to conclusions and now you have time to think things all the way through. Or maybe taking a deep breath gives you a moment to realize that throwing your controller will probably break it. Imagine yourself as a pot of water about to boil over. Nothing will cool yo inu off completely in an instant, but taking a moment to breathe and separate yourself from the heat source will keep things from getting messy.

  4. Listen to Your Personal Control Tower. Once you’ve taken deep breath, connect and consult with own control towers as if you’re a pilot and you can do nothing without their signal. According to psychology , you must practice “FAA” to clear all doubts. It’s Freeze, Analyze and Act. Whenever you experience any disturbance, pause and observe changes in your body. It may be irritation, temperature or heart rate. Take deep breath and cool down. Analyse what drains your emotions for nothing. Act accordingly to compenset and separate yourself from disturbances. You can rechannel your emotions towards any productive thing. It’s not so easy to avoid irritation. Still random practice can make it easier to count, combat and cure to some extent.

  5. Gain Perspective on the Past and the Future. Experience make people wise. What happened in recent past to you is the best hands on experience. Take lesson from it. Sort out all silly things or incidents what disturbed you in previous time. Analyze if those can be queued to priority list or not. If not, keep your inner self separate from those nuisance. It’ll be handy for you to deal such awkward situations with ease and prevent yourself from being upset on silly matters.

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