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Learning in Pandemic

Apart from global shutdown and crisis, what else this pandemic had taught us?

Don't play with natural resources.

We had been destroying this from centuries in the name of urbanization & in some other illegal ways like sandalwood smuggling.

Expansion of townships are demand of time. At the same time plantation and preservation of greeneries are also required to maintain ecological balance.

Very soon we are going to face devastating effects of global worming. It had started from North Pole.

How nature is connected to Covid?

Fact sheets are showing that rural belts are less effected. You can see the global tally also where 1st world countries are in bad shape but lesser named continents & countries have much more stability so far as contamination is concerned.

Immunity is a big factor & people more deeply attached to natural resources possess better anatomical immune.

Irony is we're obsessed to "free" offers but can't take proper care of nature which is absolutely free for us.

Cause of physical & mental stress is absence of natural beauties. And it's a big one. 😊

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