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Detox oneself....

As long as system goes on, it goes with issues. So as life. Problem lies with every breath.

Either it's breathing problem or problem to breathe.

Breathing problem is clinical issue. You need doctor to sort it out.

Problem to breathe is your suffocative mental state which you must take care. It's lack of feel good factor. Just like feeling of uneasiness.

If you find such void in every step there must be some discomfort with your upfront behavior. Not everybody is your rival. Neither entire world is against you.

What to do!

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, start dissecting your situations unbiasedly. You'll find the root of discomfort & route to recovery.

Better to blame self before pointing towards others. You may find it easier to cope with the situation & will land on much better mental state.

Solution comes by facing the problems only. Make sure you're not facing yourself time & again in search of way-out. 😊

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