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Nirmalya Saha, Psychosocial and motivational blogger. Wisdom coach.

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You know, what’s your problem!! Any guess?? It’s simple superiority complex. You’ve this illusion in your mind that you’re too accurate to be handled by others. Your dissatisfied ego always compels you to raise issues. And you start complaining.

When you started to show resistance in small issues, you somehow felt a withdrawal. You used to think to settle down instead of complaining from next time. As time passed, it became your second nature. Now it’s your practice to find out problems on solutions also. Not to worry, it’s an irrationality. You can easily get out of this attitude. But, you need to cooperate with process.

First identify why you complain every now and then. What are the possible causes..

  1. Ego satisfaction and even a superiority complex can be the root cause. Complaining feeds one’s ego and veers away from responsibilities. We find it easy to complain to cover our inabilities and make someone else responsible for that. Instead of dissecting the reasons behind our failures we simply blame others to satisfy our ego.

  2. Many times we complain out of jealousy.

  3. Sometimes people complain to simply gain attention.

This kind of behavior is a reflection of mind filled with negative thoughts which damage our relationships.

Now, let’s concentrate on some different angle to judge things. You’ve to shift your mindset from escapist to responsive.

  1. Love living. When you inhale a breath, somebody may be taking his/her last one. You never know how long you’ll go to survive. So, fall in love with life. Ignore silly issues which don’t dominate your daily life. You can’t rectify the entire world. Don’t spoil your mood. Rather invest your leisure for happiness breaks. Spend time with core relations, pets, kids, gardening, exercises, everything. The more you keep yourself busy, the less you’ll feel critical.

  2. Detach yourself from nagging people. Surroundings have a huge effect. If your social circle is positive, you’ll feel charged, attentive and motivated. Identify people whose habis effected you so badly. Just get out of that circle. Your mindset will attain a different track. Because, we behave how we think. As long as you can’t shift your mindset, you can’t stop complaining.

  3. Appreciate small happinesses. Say, you solved a riddle after a long time. Your kid got highest marks in any subject, your brother is going for first date. Things like such are normal in every life. But if you can find joy in such things, you’ll feel positive vibe and your vision towards life will start changing. Besides, the amount of energy you waste behind criticism will be utilised to pump your emotions. An emotionally healthy person generally leads healthy life.

  4. Lear to adapt. Adapt from every experience. Good or bad. Good one will teach you the art of livelihood and bad one will tech you handful of lessons. Don’t resist either of the two. As long as you’re not experiencing acute darkness, you can’t fall in love with brighter side of life.

  5. Think unique. Many times we copy other’s thought process. It actually complicates our life. Try to observe on your own style. If necessary, contradict, but don’t go for argument. You never need to win all engagements. It costs loss of relations. Try to be rational like the sun. It gives light to entire universe impartially.

That’s iit!! Have a healthy mind. Good luck.

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