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Clinical response to stress.

Stress plays a role in most of the conditions that make up abnormal psychology. Acute stress disorders that require clinical intervention are pathological because they go beyond expected, normal emotional and cognitive reactions to several personal challenges. Self healing or behavioral coping may work fruitfully if the stress is in low degree. If it has already deep-rooted into consciousness, no non-phermacological therapy can shape the situation individually. Accept it that you need to see clinician first to arrest the inside out volcano of emotions. The picture lists some of the normal and abnormal responses to stress. As the table makes clear that many normal responses become abnormal reactions when symptoms persist and are excessive. Clinicians may face problems in diagnosing abnormalities because of many reasons like, sometimes indistinct separation between normal & abnormal reactions to stress and the overlap in symptoms of stress related disorders. Alongwith the seriousness of stress arousing conditions, individual's cooing resources must be taken into account.

Successful coping often involves the individual somehow coming to terms with overwhelming feelings, such as sadness or anger. For example, kne researcher documented the case of a physician, who, while delivering terrible news to families of patient s with dismal dismal or hopeless prognoses, would develop an irrational urge of laugh. The doctor had to learn to face the overwhelming distress he felt in delivering such news. Later, the physician described how conveying bad news to a patient's family had helped him face his own distress & free himself of his urge to laugh. Although he experienced stress, the doctor manage himself to come to terms with the challenge of conveying bad news to patient parties. Knowing only that a stressor exists, does not tell us how an individual will respond to it. There are important individual differences in how people appraise events, in their coping skills & available social support. It's not wise to land on some inference by knowing the surface level issues a patient is experiencing. Clinicians & therapists should go deeper & dig out the root cause. #stress #stressdisorder #maladaptivebehavior #clinical #denial #resistance #mentalhealth #abnormalpsychology

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