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Borderline Personality Disorder - Outline

Do you experience rapid mood swing?

Do you sometimes feel like nobody wants you in this world?

Do you suddenly feel excessive sexual urge?

Do you sometimes like to dive deep in unconsciousness & use addictive substances as a medium?

Do you often think that you've no more reason to live further?

May not be YOU, but may be someone close to you is constantly fighting with inner self irrespective of cast, creed, gender, profession everything. Sometimes getting too angry with self or others. What's your take? Is it only depression as you use this term frequently? No, it's a major disorder which can ruin you & your periphery. It's Borderline Personality Disorder.

It was originally recognized as a diagnoses in 1980. Since then, this category has been used so widely that 10-20% of psychiatric patients are given this diagnosis & it's estimated to occur in approximately 6% of population as described by Gross et al. in 2002. Almost two third of affected are female. Intense clinging dependency & manipulation characterize the interpersonal relationships of those with BPD, making interaction with these people very difficult. They seem to wish for a dependent & exclusive relationship with another person. Their desire is clear to outsiders but they don't admit it. Due to this denial such individuals devalue personal significance to others. This often takes the form of extreme anger.

Self destructiveness is characteristic of borderline individual that generates the most discomfort in those who try to help them. Therapists often experience intense responsibility & their supportive effort when patient threatens suicide can lead to increased involvement outside of therapy session. Unless the controlling nature of patient's responses are interpreted in sessions, situation may become unworkable for therapist. It's necessary to make the patient understand that the therapist can't be manipulated by threats of suicide & the patient must understand these self destructing urges.

*To be contd*

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